The years go by and fashions pass. But they remain. With their nature and stories, our destinations are distinctive. They will always be there for your holidays.

The mountains

The French Alps

High peaks, pure water lakes, green valleys... In winter and summer, the surrounding nature mesmerises. The mountain air calls, an invitation to breathe, contemplate, regenerate…


A myth. A reality. That of the first French winter sports resort in history, which has become a centre of good taste. In both winter and summer. With pristine natural surroundings, remarkable architecture and famous restaurants, it offers a unique setting for holidays.

Les Trois Vallées

Next to the world’s largest ski area, three valleys, six glaciers and more than 600 km of snow-covered slopes. A paradise for lovers of downhill sports and their indelible memories.




Its harsh land and jagged relief are answered by its colourful traditions and accent. Thankfully, time doesn't seem to have changed a thing here. Enjoy.


A village in Provence like no other. Its understated and authentic prettiness, its views over the Petit Luberon, its Renaissance château and famous inhabitants, such as Albert Camus, mark memories… 


Of the three “summits” of the Golden Triangle of Luberon, it is the most authentic. Perched on top of the massif, the village draws the gaze with its steeples, roofs and ramparts.

The coast

The French Riviera

Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Nice… A legendary seaside region. Beyond heritage, an azure blue and an art of living to be shared.

Saint Raphaël, massif de l'Esterel

Between the Mediterranean and Provence, Cannes and Saint-Tropez, natural sites and shaded streets, the town gently stretches out. On one side, along the deep rocky inlets of the Mediterranean coast; on the other, along the reddish paths of the Massif de l’Esterel. The land and sea come together with striking beauty.


The Balearic Islands differently

The wonder of it all. Islands with multiple facets, lush nature, fine sandy beaches, crystal clear waters...A call to freedom.


An island of many contrasts, vibrant and full of life, anchored in a breathtaking and preserved natural environment. Sailing on the Mediterranean, walking along the coast on paths lined with pine an olive trees, diving into secret coves...the promise of magical and unforgettable moments. Off the beaten track, explore an unsuspected paradise.

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The Swiss Alps

Mountains as far as the eye can see, snow-covered in winter, green in summer. Lakes and waterfalls surround you. A place that awakens the imagination. The summits invite you to calm and serenity. Nature, intact and powerful.


Nestled at the heart of the Bernese Alps, in the Jungfrau region, this resort will delight the most adventurous in search of freedom and breathtaking scenery. A place for contemplation or a sporting day out. Cosy atmosphere, warm environment. Conviviality, timeless. A legacy.

"To move, to breathe, to fly, to float,
To gain all while you give,
To Roam the roads of lands remote,

To travel is to live.
Hans Christian Andersen
The Fairy Tale of My Life: An Autobiography